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Il Miraggio Adriatico (2019)

HD PAL 52’ | @ 2019 Italy

THE ADRIATIC MIRAGE. Terenzio Tocci, Liberator of Albania 

Documentary Film



Coproduction with LAMBDA SRL

A young man of republican formation emerges from the secular Albanian community of Calabria. 

He begins to fight for the independence of Albania, still part of the Ottoman Empire, in writing at first, with weapons then. 

He moved to the Albanian shores in 1911 and began a long and tormented struggle for the self-determination of the indigenous people, the Mirdita revolution, the collaboration with King Zog, and the controversial membership of the Italian Fascist Party occupying the small Albanian state at last.

His primary interest in supporting Albania and the Albanians, makes of him the man of freedom.

Paradoxically, Tocci will pay with his life.

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